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Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography (TOAST)

Forbriger, Thomas ORCID iD icon; Auras, Michael; Bilgili, Filiz; Bohlen, Thomas; Butzer, Simone; Christen, Sandra; Cristiano, Luigia; Friederich, Wolfgang; Giese, Rüdiger; Groos, Lisa; Igel, Heiner; Köllner, Florian; Krompholz, Rolf; Lüth, Stefan; Mauerberger, Stefan; Meier, Thomas; Mosca, Ilaria; Niehoff, Dirk; Richter, Heike; ... mehr


TOAST (Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography) makes methods of full-waveform inversion of elastic waves available for the practitioner. The inversion of complete seismograms is an utmost ambitious and powerful technology. One of its strengths is the enormously increased imaging-resolution since it is able to resolve structures smaller than the seismic wave length. Further it is sensitive to material properties like density and dissipation which are hardly accessible through conventional techniques. Within the TOAST project algorithms available in academia were collected, improved, and prepared for application to field recordings.
Different inversion strategies were implemented (global search, conjugate gradient, waveform sensitivity kernels) and computer programs for imaging the subsurface in 1D, 2D, and 3D were developed. The underlying algorithms for the correct numerical simulation of physical wave propagation have thoroughly been tested for artefacts.
In parallel these techniques were tested in application to waveform data. They proved their potential in application to synthetic data, shallow-seismic surface waves from field recordings, and microseismic and ultrasonic data from material testing.
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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-04205-3_8
Zitationen: 1
Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Geophysikalisches Institut (GPI)
KIT-Zentrum Klima und Umwelt (ZKU)
Publikationstyp Buchaufsatz
Publikationsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator ISBN: 978-3-319-04204-6
ISSN: 1619-7399
KITopen-ID: 1000038762
Erschienen in Tomography of the Earth's Crust : From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring. Ed.: M. Weber
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Seiten 135-155
Serie GEOTECHNOLOGIEN science report ; 21
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