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URN: urn:nbn:de:swb:90-652332
DOI: 10.5194/amt-10-209-2017
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Retrieval of nitric oxide in the mesosphere from SCIAMACHY nominal limb spectra

Bender, S.; Sinnhuber, M.; Langowski, M.; Burrows, J. P.

We present a retrieval algorithm for nitric oxide (NO) number densities from measurements from the SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY (SCIAMACHY, on Envisat) nominal limb mode (0–91 km). The NO number densities are derived from atmospheric emissions in the gamma bands in the range 230–300 nm, measured by the SCIAMACHY ultra-violet (UV) channel 1. The retrieval is adapted from the mesosphere and lower thermosphere mode (MLT, 50–150 km) NO retrieval (Bender et al., 2013), including the same 3-D ray tracing, 2-D retrieval grid, and regularisations with respect to altitude and latitude.

Since the nominal mode limb scans extend only to about 91 km, we use NO densities in the lower thermosphere (above 92 km), derived from empirical models, as a priori input. The priors are the Nitric Oxide Empirical Model (NOEM; Marsh et al., 2004) and a regression model derived from the MLT NO data comparison (Bender et al., 2015). Our algorithm yields plausible NO number densities from 60 to 85 km from the SCIAMACHY nominal limb mode scans. Using a priori input substantially reduces the incorrect attribution of NO f ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Fakultät für Physik (PHYSIK)
Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung - Atmosphärische Spurenstoffe und Fernerkundung (IMK-ASF)
Publikationstyp Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Jahr 2017
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator ISSN: 1867-1381, 1867-8548
KITopen ID: 1000065233
HGF-Programm 12.04.05; LK 01
Erschienen in Atmospheric measurement techniques
Band 10
Heft 1
Seiten 209-220
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