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Experiments of evaporating urea-water sprays for the validation of SCR-systems

Lieber, Christian; Koch, Rainer; Bauer, Hans-Jörg

Abstract (englisch):

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is an established technology for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel engines. It is usually realised by the injection of urea-water-solution (UWS) into the hot exhaust gas. One major challenge of the design is to avoid deposits, which may compromise the operation of the catalyst. Consequently, the proper understanding of spray evaporation of UWS is the key to successfully implement the SCR technology. The main objective of the present study is the development of a validation methodology for the prediction of evaporating urea-water sprays under realistic operating conditions. The experimental configuration is based on a twin-fluid atomizer for injecting UWS into a hot pipe flow. Microscopic imaging was applied in conjunction with Particle Tracking Velocimetry to record droplet size and velocity distribution profiles. Using this approach, droplets of a diameter as small as 4 µm and a velocity of up to 250 m/s could be detected successfully at operating conditions of the gaseous phase of up to 773 K and 0.24 MPa. The evaluation of droplet data at different positions downstream of the atomizer revealed details of the evaporation characteristics of UWS. ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Thermische Strömungsmaschinen (ITS)
Publikationstyp Vortrag
Publikationsjahr 2019
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000097607
Veranstaltung 5th International FEV Conference Diesel Powertrains 3.0 (2019), Rouen, Frankreich, 02.07.2019 – 03.07.2019
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