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Manufacturing and Characterization of Advanced High Energy Silicon/Graphite Electrodes

Zheng, Yijing; Rietdorf, Chantal; Höppchen, Oliver; Shi, Huifeng; Zhang, Yuefei; Seifert, Hans Jürgen; Pfleging, Wilhelm ORCID iD icon


Next generation lithium-ion batteries (LIB) with high energy density and high power density have recently become of great interest for electric vehicle and portable devices. With the further upgrade of especially electric vehicles, the next generation LIB with high power and high energy density is urgently required. For this purpose, composite electrode consisting of commercially available graphite active material mixed with silicon nanoparticles is under current development. The main objectives are a significant increase of the practical capacity and energy density of commercial anodes, an overcome of the drawbacks of pure silicon due to large volume changes during electrochemical cycling, and the development of a technology suitable for mass production. In order to reduce the intrinsic mechanical stress of silicon/graphite electrodes and to improve the lithium-ion transport kinetic, free-standing electrode structures were generated by applying ultrafast industrial capable laser material processing. This advanced laser technology is demonstrated to be a flexible and powerful tool for pushing silicon/graphite (Si/C) composite anode materials beyond state of the art electrodes towards application. ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Angewandte Materialien – Angewandte Werkstoffphysik (IAM-AWP)
Publikationstyp Vortrag
Publikationsdatum 15.10.2019
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000100354
HGF-Programm 37.01.02 (POF III, LK 01) Components and Cells
Veranstaltung 236th ECS Meeting (2019), Atlanta, GA, USA, 13.10.2019 – 17.10.2019
Projektinformation DFG, DFG EIN, PF 392/9-1
Externe Relationen Abstract/Volltext
Schlagwörter KNMF 2018-019-021333 LMP
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