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KIT Climate Lecture 2018: "Climate Change: What if Paris fails?"

Stocker, Thomas


0:00:00 Start
0:00:38 Article 2
0:03:53 IPCC Assessment Reports since 1990: WGI Contribution
0:11:31 know the present
0:11:43 CO2 Mauna Loa, Hawaii
0:13:42 CO2 concentration of the past 800000 years
0:14:58 Temprature Change: Annual Mean
0:16:06 Summer tempratures in switzerland
0:19:26 Acceleration of global mean sea level rise
0:21:48 Jakobshaven Isbrae
0:23:18 Estimate the future
0:23:20 Global mean surface temprature change
0:24:32 Change in average temprature
0:25:12 Emergence of marine heat waves
0:25:54 Land and marine heat waves
0:29:13 Carbon Budget for 2c target: 790 bill t C
0:31:53 What do we lose?
0:31:59 Climate change is a resource problem
0:33:53 Resource health: Dangerous heat
0:37:03 Resource water: drought and water stress
0:38:03 Resource Land: Loss of Home and Habitat
0:39:35 Resource Biodiversity: Compound CC Impacts
0:41:04 Synergy of ambitions
0:41:14 Climate change is a threat to sustainable development
0:42:05 Climate change must be limited to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals
0:43:51 Fundamental Links and synergies between Sustainability and Climate Change
0:44:35 Conclusions

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT KIT-Zentrum Klima und Umwelt (ZKU)
Publikationstyp Audio & Video
Publikationsdatum 08.10.2018
Erstellungsdatum 19.09.2018
Sprache Englisch
DOI 10.5445/DIVA/2018-695
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000115891
Lizenz KITopen-Lizenz
Serie Climate and Environment Lectures : Faszination Forschung
Folge 8
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