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Combination of the W boson polarization measurements in top quark decays using ATLAS and CMS data at $ \sqrt{s} $ = 8 TeV

ATLAS Collaboration
CMS Collaboration; Aad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abbott, D. C.; Abed Abud, A.; Abeling, K.; Abhayasinghe, D. K.; Abidi, S. H.; Abou Zeid, O. S.; Abraham, N. L.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B. S.; Achkar, B.; Adam, L.; Adam Bourdarios, C.; Adamczyk, L.; Adamek, L.; Adelman, J.; Adersberger, M.; ... mehr

The combination of measurements of the W boson polarization in top quark decays performed by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations is presented. The measurements are based on proton-proton collision data produced at the LHC at a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV, and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of about 20 fb$^{−1}$ for each experiment. The measurements used events containing one lepton and having different jet multiplicities in the final state. The results are quoted as fractions of W bosons with longitudinal (F$_{0}$), left-handed (F$_{L}$), or right-handed (F$_{R}$) polarizations. The resulting combined measurements of the polarization fractions are F$_{0}$ = 0.693 ± 0.014 and F$_{L}$ = 0.315 ± 0.011. The fraction F$_{R}$ is calculated from the unitarity constraint to be F$_{R}$ = −0.008 ± 0.007. These results are in agreement with the standard model predictions at next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative quantum chromodynamics and represent an improvement in precision of 25 (29)% for F$_{0}$ (F$_{0}$) with respect to the most precise single measurement. A limit on anomalous right-handed vector (V$_{R}$), and left- and right-handed tensor (g$_{L}$, g$_{R}$) tWb couplings is set while fixing all others to their standard model values. ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Experimentelle Kernphysik (IEKP)
Institut für Prozessdatenverarbeitung und Elektronik (IPE)
Publikationstyp Forschungsbericht/Preprint
Publikationsmonat/-jahr 08.2020
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000124558
Vorab online veröffentlicht am 12.08.2020
Nachgewiesen in arXiv
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