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Battery calorimetric analysis of aging effects on the safety and thermal behavior of cylindrical lithium-ion cells

Ziebert, Carlos ORCID iD icon; Ohneseit, Sebastian; Freis, Dieter; Lin, Zeming; Uhlmann, Nils; Seifert, Hans Jürgen

Abstract (englisch):

With increasing energy density safety and thermal management of Li-ion cells is becoming more and more important because the thermal runaway can cause an ignition or even explosion with simultaneous release of toxic gases. In order to prevent such hazards, extensive research is undertaken to determine the causes of thermal runaway, as well as the influencing factors. In the last nine years, we have established battery calorimetry as a versatile characterization technique, which allows advancements for the thermal management and the safety of batteries. With six adiabatic Accelerating Rate Calorimeters (ARC) of different sizes and two sensitive Tian-Calvet calorimeters combined with cyclers we operate Europe’s largest battery calorimeter center. This enables the evaluation of thermodynamic, thermal and safety data on material, cell and pack level under quasiadiabatic and isoperibolic environments for both normal and abuse conditions (thermal, electrical, mechanical).
The primary purpose of this work was to determine the correlation between cell aging and the thermal runaway of commercial Sony VTC6 18650 cells with a nominal capacity of 3 Ah, a Li-containing graphite anode and a high-Ni LiNi0.9Co0.075Al0.025O2 (NCA) cathode as determined by inductive coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Angewandte Materialien – Angewandte Werkstoffphysik (IAM-AWP)
Publikationstyp Vortrag
Publikationsdatum 28.11.2020
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000127703
HGF-Programm 37.01.02 (POF III, LK 01) Components and Cells
Veranstaltung MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit (2020), Online, 28.11.2020 – 04.12.2020
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