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Droplet breakup mechanisms at different droplet trajectories during high-pressure homogenization

Preiss, Felix Johannes; Karbstein, Heike Petra

Abstract (englisch):
Emulsions have a wide range of applications. Among others, they are used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. The properties such as stability, rheological properties or color can be influenced by the drop size distribution (DSD). The process of high-pressure homogenization is mostly used for emulsions with low to medium viscosity of 1-200 mPa∙s and allows the generation of droplets with diameters less than 1 µm. A high-pressure homogenizer consists of a high-pressure pump and a subsequent comminution unit. During the process, a pre-emulsion, which still contains large droplets, is pumped through the disruption unit at a pressure of several hundred bar. In the disruption unit, a cross-sectional reduction causes a strong acceleration of the flow. At the outlet, the emulsion leaves the disruption unit as a confined free jet. As it flows through the disruption unit, the droplets of the emulsion are subjected to shear stresses and elongational strain as well as cavitation, causing the droplets to break up.
Droplet breakup has been extensively studied under steady-state laminar conditions. However, these findings cannot be applied to the process of high-pressure homogenization, since the stresses on the droplets change continuously during their passage through the breakup unit, and thus steady-state conditions are not achieved. ... mehr

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnik (BLT)
Publikationstyp Vortrag
Publikationsdatum 26.05.2021
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator KITopen-ID: 1000133392
Veranstaltung EFCE - Alternative food technologies - Science meets industry (2021), Online, 25.05.2021 – 27.05.2021
Projektinformation DFG, DFG EIN, SCHU 1417/11-1
Bemerkung zur Veröffentlichung Vortragender: Felix Johannes Preiss
Schlagwörter orifice; µ-PIV; high-pressure homogenization
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