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Simulation Results for the Evaluation of Strategies for an Adaptive Grid Control System Using Smart Buildings (Updated)

Ahrens, Mischa

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Formale Beschreibungsverfahren (AIFB)
Publikationstyp Forschungsdaten
Publikationsdatum 12.07.2021
Erstellungsdatum 30.06.2021 - 01.07.2021
Identifikator DOI: 10.5445/IR/1000135024
KITopen-ID: 1000135024
Lizenz Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International

%%%%% How to interpret the simulation results %%%%%:

%%% Main folder naming %%%:

"village-future": The simulation scenario (grid and building configuration)

"hhOpt": Buildings (households) can optimize their internal energy flows

"ONT/RONT": Normal distribution transformer/voltage regulated distribution transformer (VRDT)

"QEMS": Quarter energy management system, means that at least one grid control strategy is used

"P/Q/PQ/noPQ/noControl": P=active power targets can be used, Q=reactive power control can be used,
noPQ=only VRDT can be used, noControl=no grid control at all

"full/local-only": Centralized/decentralized grid control strategy

"GSUI-60": Grid simulation update interval=60 seconds

"d_1970_6_30_0": Start of simulated time is 30 June 1970 00:00 AM

%%% Subfolder naming %%%:

"s_13749851": Random seed configuration

"run_2021-05-25-16-38-29": Starting time of simulation run

%%% Subsubfolder naming %%%:

"nodeX": Folder for a particular building, numbered according to the grid node, where each building is connected

%%% Log files for the entire grid %%%:

In general: currentTick is given in Unix time

activePowerLog: Active power progressions at all grid nodes in Watt

reactivePowerLog: Reactive power progressions at all grid nodes in Var

buildingsAggregatedLog: Various power progressions aggregated for all buildings in the grid in Watt

currentLog: Current progressions for all lines in the grid in Ampere

gridSimulationAggregated: Various grid characteristics aggregated over the entire simulation run,
voltages and line utilizations are normalized to nominal values

mediumVoltageAggregated: Aggregated characteristics of the voltage at the primary side of the transformer in pu

mediumVoltageLog: Progression of the voltage at the primary side of the transformer in pu

transformerAggregatedLog: Aggregated characteristics of the transformer, temperatures are given in °C, remaining values have to unit

transformerStepLog:Progression of VRDT steps, remains 0 if no VRDT is used, no unit

transformerTemperatureLog: Progression of various transformer characteristics, temperatures are given in °C,
remaining values have to unit

voltageLog: Progressions of voltages at all nodes in the grid in pu

%%% Log files for specific buildings %%%:

TOTAL=number of planned appliance runs, AVGTOTAL=number of expected appliance runs based on probality distributions,
REALTOTAL=number of realized appliance runs, TOTAL0/TOTAL1=number of realized appliance runs for different running profiles

Progressions of battery energy storage system active charge/discharge power in Watt,
reactive charge/discharge power in Var and state of charge in Watt*second,
positive values denote charging, negative values discharging

electricVehicleLog: Progressions of electric vehicle active charge power in Watt, reactive charge power in Var

powerLog: Progressions of various building powers in Watt, prices and costs in Euro-cent

simResultsAggregated: Various aggregated energy amounts in kWh and costs in Euro-cent

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