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Additional data for the dissertation: Resolving locations of defects in superconducting transmon qubits

Bilmes, Alexander; Arbeitsgruppe A. V. Ustinov, Physikalisches Institut, KIT [Beteiligte*r]

Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Physikalisches Institut (PHI)
Publikationstyp Forschungsdaten
Publikationsjahr 2019
Erstellungsdatum 15.08.2019
Identifikator DOI: 10.5445/IR/1000097356
KITopen-ID: 1000097356
Lizenz Creative Commons Namensnennung – Nicht kommerziell – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International
Schlagwörter Superconducting qubit, transmon, material defects, decoherence, Two-Level-Systems, TLS, tunneling defects, quantum bit, quantum information, defect location, Xmon qubit, quantum computation, microwave application, microwave resonator, micro fabrication, Josephson junction, junction fabrication, Al/AlOx/Al junction, EB lithography, electron-beam lithography, shadow evaporation, Dolan-Nienmeyer technique, tilted-angle deposition

Simulation and measurement data used in the dissertation manuscript by Alexander Bilmes(1) "Resolving locations of defects in superconducting transmon qubits" (defense on 8Feb2019, Referent Prof. A.V. Ustinov, Koreferent: Prof. A. Shnirman ), published via KITopen in Aug2018.
(1) Physikalisches Institut, KIT, Wolfgang-Gaedestr. 1, 76137 Karlsruhe

DOI of this data publication: 10.5445/IR/1000097356

zip files:
part1-3: simulation data
part4: matlab functions to generate plots contained in the dissertation manuscript

after unzipping, you will find the following folders:

  • Fig2_3: matlab function and data used to generate the figure 2.3
  • Fig4_3: matlab function and data used to generate the figure 4.3
  • FigD2: matlab function and data used to generate the figure D.2
  • TLS-locations\TLS_locations_allQubs_publish.m: matlab function used for the analyzis of TLS locations, and generation of Figures 2.10, 2.11, 4.6-4.8, 4.12-4.14, D.1, E.5, E.6, E.8, F.1
  • TLS-locations\errorEstimation_InterfaceParticipation_publish.m: matlab function to estimate the errors presented in Equation 4.7 (Output files Pint_QB2_runAug2018 and Pint_QB2_runAug2018_roughSweep can be plotted with the same function: set the variable "loadprevious" to 1)
  • E-field_simulations_2D_1 and _2D_2 and _3D: simulation data used in the analyzis above.
  • E-field_simulations_2D_2\Exported_Data\path_along_film-edge-profile: matlab function to generate the points at the film edge profile (2D model), at which the electric field shall be exported from the simulation model
  • E-field_simulations_3D\Exported_Data\potential_for_2D-simu_V5_2_10: data exported from the 3D model to find the effective potential for the electrodes in the 2D model (see Fig 4.4 c)
  • E-field_simulations_3D\Exported_Data\Field_Along_Edges: exported data of electric fields along the fim edge in the 3D model, presented in Figs. 4.6 and F.6
Art der Forschungsdaten Dataset
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