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Aestipascuomyces dupliciliberans gen. nov, sp. nov., the First Cultured Representative of the Uncultured SK4 Clade from Aoudad Sheep and Alpaca

Stabel, Marcus ORCID iD icon 1; Hanafy, Radwa A.; Schweitzer, Tabea 1; Greif, Meike 1; Aliyu, Habibu 1; Flad, Veronika; Young, Diana; Lebuhn, Michael; Elshahed, Mostafa S.; Ochsenreither, Katrin ORCID iD icon 1; Youssef, Noha H.
1 Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Abstract (englisch):

We report on the isolation of the previously-uncultured Neocallimastigomycota SK4 lineage, by two independent research groups, from a wild aoudad sheep rumen sample (Texas, USA) and an alpaca fecal sample (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Isolates from both locations showed near-identical morphological and microscopic features, forming medium-sized (2–5 mm) white filamentous colonies with a white center of sporangia, on agar roll tubes and a heavy biofilm in liquid media. Microscopic analysis revealed monocentric thalli, and spherical polyflagellated zoospores with 7–20 flagella. Zoospore release occurred through an apical pore as well as by sporangial wall rupturing, a duality that is unique amongst described anaerobic gut fungal strains. Isolates were capable of growing on a wide range of mono-, oligo-, and polysaccharide substrates as the sole carbon source. Phylogenetic assessment based on the D1–D2 28S large rRNA gene subunit (D1–D2 LSU) and internal transcribed spacer-1 (ITS-1) regions demonstrated high sequence identity (minimum identity of 99.07% and 96.96%, respectively) between all isolates; but low sequence identity (92.4% and 86.7%, respectively) to their closest cultured relatives. ... mehr

Verlagsausgabe §
DOI: 10.5445/IR/1000126209
Veröffentlicht am 17.11.2020
DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms8111734
Zitationen: 22
Zitationen: 21
Cover der Publikation
Zugehörige Institution(en) am KIT Institut für Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnik (BLT)
Publikationstyp Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Publikationsmonat/-jahr 11.2020
Sprache Englisch
Identifikator ISSN: 2076-2607
KITopen-ID: 1000126209
Erschienen in Microorganisms
Verlag MDPI
Band 8
Heft 11
Seiten Article no: 1734
Bemerkung zur Veröffentlichung Gefördert durch den KIT-Publikationsfonds
Vorab online veröffentlicht am 05.11.2020
Schlagwörter anaerobic gut fungi; sequence-guided isolation; Neocallimastigomycota SK4 lineage
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