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Serie: MICMoR Summer School 2017: Transport Phenomena and the Limits of Life in the Biosphere

Autor KIT | Webcast [Hrsg.]
Genre Vorlesung
Beschreibung The term “biosphere” is the place on the Earth’s surface where life dwells. Since its inception in 1875, this concept launched one of the most ambitious interdisciplinary collaborative efforts in science as it forged partnerships between atmospheric sciences, biology, chemistry, climate, earth sciences, ecology, engineering, geology, geography, hydrology, mathematics, and physics. This course covers fundamentals and principles of air and water movement within the biosphere. It elaborates on key applications spanning subsurface water movement, the soil-plant system, xylem-phloem water movement, overland flow, the hyporheic zone and adjacent stream flow, and air flow in the lower atmosphere. The common theme weaving all the lectures is that fluid flow exerts significant controls on the form and function of the biosphere. The talks were recorded during the MICMoR Summer School “Transport Phenomena and the Limits of Life in the Biosphere”, held at KIT/IMK-IFU, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from 9th-18th August 2017. (picture: Gabriel Katul, Duke University)
Fachgebiete Geowissenschaften (geow) (DDC 550) Umweltwissenschaften (umw) (DDC 550)
DOI 10.5445/DIVA/2018-C3
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